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sea ice

JOIDES Resolution research vessel at the dock_Stijn De Schepper

The last IODP Expedition with Joides Resolution

It is that time of year again: field season! This year AGENSI researchers are participating in several sea-going expeditions in the Iceland Sea, Lofoten Basin, Arctic Ocean and Fram Strait. The longest expedition this year goes to the eastern Fram Strait with the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP Expedition 403). We just left from the port of Amsterdam, with destination eastern Fram Strait. We will be at sea for 2… Read More »The last IODP Expedition with Joides Resolution


Over the summer, an AGENSI publication was published by Kristine Steinsland et al. in Quaternary Science Reviews. The study investigates variations in sea ice in the northern North Atlantic throughout the last interglacial. You can read the article via this link.

Bjerknes Centre podcast on ancient DNA and sea ice

Our team member Danielle Grant talks about ancient DNA under the Arctic sea ice in this Bjerknes Centre podcast. Danielle, a PhD student in the AGENSI project, investigates fossil DNA in ocean sediments to understanding past variability of sea ice in the Arctic. with recovering sediments from RV Kronprins Haakon, working in a super clean lab during a pandemic, and her PhD research. The Bjerknes Centre podcast is hosted by… Read More »Bjerknes Centre podcast on ancient DNA and sea ice

Arctic cruise impressions

While we are preparing for an Arctic cruise in summer, these videos give you an impression of our expedition last winter. Then we experienced 24h of Arctic darkness and a substantial amount of sea ice. Videos made by PhD student Danielle Grant.

Expedition in Arctic winter – a good idea?

In Arctic winter 2020, AGENSI researchers went on an expedition with research vessel Kronprins Haakon to the sea ice covered East Greenland Sea. This is what happened. Anticipation Finally! After working with different aspects of sea ice reconstructions for several years, I was going to see sea ice for the first time from up close. In fact very up close, in one of the most remote regions in the Northern… Read More »Expedition in Arctic winter – a good idea?

Sampling in the Arctic

Kristine Steinsland and Danielle Grant are currently onboard the icebreaker RV Kronprins Haakon in the cold Arctic. They have joined a cruise led by J. Knies from the Centre of Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate (University of Tromsø). The cruise will collect data on methane release from the ocean floor and take sediment cores, up to 25 meters long. As a result, this will open a window on the climate… Read More »Sampling in the Arctic