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August 2023


Over the summer, an AGENSI publication was published by Kristine Steinsland et al. in Quaternary Science Reviews. The study investigates variations in sea ice in the northern North Atlantic throughout the last interglacial. You can read the article via this link.

AGENSI is also at the 2nd GoNorth expedition

The 2nd GoNorth expedition has just come to an end. We had Katja Häkli representing AGENSI on board RV Kronprins Harken for this expedition to the Gakkel Ridge and Lucky Ridge. Here she is collecting mud from the box corer (Foto: Daniel Albert GoNorth/SINTEF). The trip was eventful: early on the ship needed to return to the mainland for repairs, and later the sea ice was too heavy for the… Read More »AGENSI is also at the 2nd GoNorth expedition