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AGENSI at the first GoNorth expedition

The AGENSI team was one of the research groups onboard RV Kronprins during the first GoNorth expedition. In mid October 2022, we left Longyearbyen (Svalbard) and headed to the Nansen Basin in the Arctic Ocean. The main aim of GoNorth is to collect and contribute to new and essential knowledge about the Arctic Ocean (from sea surface to far below the sea floor) and the continental shelf north of Svalbard.

Jon Thomassen Hestetun and Stijn De Schepper represented the AGENSI Team. During the 3 week expedition, we collected several sediment samples for the AGENSI project from the continental shelf North of Svalbard and the sea ice covered Nansen Basin.

The GoNorth expedition has received quite some media attention in the previous weeks. You can read about the first expedition in the daily reports and on several institutional websites (UNIS, UiT) and different media (,, Teknisk Ukeblad).

Daniel Albert (Sintef) has written an excellent summary of the expedition and also made this very nice movie. Enjoy!