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Sediment cores arrive in Bergen

Late October 2019, a cruise with RV Kronprins Haakon led by J. Knies from the Centre of Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate went out to the Fram Strait to collect sediment cores. Dag Inge Blindheim and PhD students Kristine Steinsland and Danielle Grant from the AGENSI team joined this cruise. And they collected sediment material to study during the AGENSI project. Danielle and Kristine blogged about their first experience with coring in the Arctic and sampling sediments on board a research vessel for ancient DNA here.

Several weeks later, when RV Kronprins Haakon returned to Tromsø, all sediment cores were brought on land. The unopened sediment cores from one station near Svalbard was then shipped to Bergen for ancient DNA analyses. These cores arrived here on 16 December and await analysis!

Dag Inge shows off the sediment cores